Center Street Free Space
703 E Center Street, Milwaukee, WI
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Tender Mercy -ambient experimental quiet folk from Louisville, KY Samantha Wilsing +tba 7:00pm Facebook Event:

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GRAND OPENING PARTY FOR THE CENTER STREET FREE SPACE! We’ll be all unpacked, set up, and ready to hang out and be awesome, come do that too! I mean c’mon, there’s gonna be pizza. As the tradition goes, there’s going to be a summer reading program for the A-Team kidz where we read books and […]

Categories: Shows | Comments Off on [9/5/13] Uh Oh / Life Puzzler / Dharma Dogs (madison) / Dragons (flagstaff)

Dharma Dogs – High-energy gunk rock from Madison. Check them out. Dragons – Witchy magic rock from Flagstaff. They have a coronet, which scores them points in my book. Uh Oh – Resident punks. They like to party. You like to party. Let’s party Life Puzzler – Electro punk nihilists […]

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Everyone Except Me– anarcho-folk-punk from Philadelphia Immaculate Misconception– local folk punx who yell a lot and have a seemingly strange obsession with corn and corn products Bowman’s Bloody Banjo– He’s a gentleman and a scholar. $5 donation because touring artist 8:00 pm 703 Center Street- Center Street Free Space Facebook event:¬†