Center Street Free Space
703 E Center Street, Milwaukee, WI
[9/5/13] Uh Oh / Life Puzzler / Dharma Dogs (madison) / Dragons (flagstaff)
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Dharma Dogs – High-energy gunk rock from Madison. Check them out.

Dragons – Witchy magic rock from Flagstaff. They have a coronet, which scores them points in my book.

Uh Oh – Resident punks. They like to party. You like to party. Let’s party

Life Puzzler – Electro punk nihilists from Mke. 3 dudes, 2 guitars, 1 magic box that spits out grimy beats, all ready to shit all over everything you hold sacred.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

7pm at the Center Street Free Space, which is the new social center. If you don’t know where it is, send a message. Follow me, I know the way.

Please bring $5 for the touring bands. Buy merch. Shake hands. Shake yer butt.

Facebook event:

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