Center Street Free Space
703 E Center Street, Milwaukee, WI
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Do you want to hang out and play games on a Saturday night without getting crazy-plastered? You should come to the Center Street Free Space on AUGUST 31 for a cerebral-flavored way to palliate existential angst! Hang out, and play fun games with people who don’t think cops solve discrimination! Ideally, we’ll have enough people […]

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How can we build the popularity and influence of anarchist ideas in movements for social and economic justice in the United States? What’s the point in a specifically anarchist organization? What lessons can we draw from the anarchists of South America? What benefits would be gained by the development of a nationwide anarchist organization? What […]

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GRAND OPENING PARTY FOR THE CENTER STREET FREE SPACE! We’ll be all unpacked, set up, and ready to hang out and be awesome, come do that too! I mean c’mon, there’s gonna be pizza. As the tradition goes, there’s going to be a summer reading program for the A-Team kidz where we read books and […]