Center Street Free Space
703 E Center Street, Milwaukee, WI
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Holy fuck! How could Peach Kelli Pop and Tacocat end up here in the same week?! I am probably gonna die from liver excitement! God, wait, until you all see the flyer we have coming for this one. Hoo boy.

TACOCAT (Seattle, WA) Not even sure where to start with this one. Riot Grrl pop punk from Seattle. Ex-Trashies I guess. Amazingly catchy songs about vaporizors and walks of shame and leotards and fuck if this band isn’t ridiculously catchy. They are just as excited to see you, believe me!

OLIVES: All local girl group also playing pop punk. I live next door to the bass player OOooooOOooOoOoooo. She watches my cat when I am gone!

NO BUENO: Basically the brainchile of Erin Dorbin. Great songwriting. More pop punk. Elastica cover is also great. Beat me to it. Kinda salty about that.

CROTCH HONEY: Way more punky than the other two openers. Much more riot grrrl feel. Also totally awesome and we definitely gotta keep it punk!

7PM hang time
8PM music
$5 is totally cool

Don’t be an asshole/say fucked up shit. There’s like 10 girls playing this show tough enough to kick your ass right out the door…

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