Center Street Free Space
703 E Center Street, Milwaukee, WI
10/25 the body, mortals, sacrificial massacre, milorganaut, failed mutation
Categories: General

The Body rules! Loud, dense misery. Its brilliant.
Mortals are also loud, lil more rocking with their misery, and also very fucking awesome.
Sac Mass is essential black metal from Milwaukee.
Milorganaut play short spats of crusty grind. As to the point as you can get. And awesome.
Failed Mutation is fast, punky hardcore with people from Holy Shit, Tenement, and Bored Straight. Seen em once, into it.

$6-8 for two touring bands and to make sure the space gets some ok money for the show. FM is going to go on no later than 730, has to be done by 11 I believe, so being on time would be highly recommended. And be cool huh? Lets not trash all our nice new things at once.

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